Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Shape Man

Now 4 year old Jack loves to color, but he rarely puts much thought into what the outcome of his scribbles will be. Occasionally, it is a colorful rainbow, but usually he is more of an abstract artist. I thought some stencils might be a good way to bring out his inner Picasso and to review the names of shapes at the same time. 

First, I let him use the stencil on his own to make whatever kind of picture he wanted. Then I showed him how to make Shape Man. We talked about the names of the shapes for each body part and which shapes might make sense for the legs or the arms. Here is my Shape Man example. 

I don't always like to do an example, because I would rather see where his creative mind goes rather than just following my lead, but sometimes a sample is helpful to get the process moving. Plus, kids love to see adults play, and coloring is an easy way to play and chat with kids of all ages. Sometimes I wish that restaurants brought one extra coloring place mat when we go out because I love that part of our going out to eat with kids experience.

Next up after Shape Man? Shape City, perhaps?

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