Thursday, May 15, 2014

That Second Kid

I am the third child in my family of four. My photo album is significantly smaller that my older brother's and sister's. So I am very sensitive to the plight of the younger sibling. Ok, plight may be a bit dramatic, but I do try to be aware of making my children's experiences similar when possible. I say when possible because it's just a fact that I don't have the same time now that there are two children as I did when there was only one. I simply had more time to take 400 pictures with Jack, but poor William may only have 100 pictures taken of him. Jack may have been read to more as a baby because we just had a little more free time. But there are other advantages that the second child has that the first child does not. For example, he is hearing way more language because with an older sibling, there is always someone talking. And, he is going to have lots of fun activities to do, that have already been tested out on his older brother!

I did this one a few years back with Jack, so now it is William's turn, and of course Jack wanted to join in the fun and demonstrate it to his little brother. We poked a piece of spaghetti into a ball of Play Dough, then the kids strung Fruit Loops onto the spaghetti.

You will notice there are few to no fruit loops on William's spaghetti pole.
That would be because he was more interested in just eating them!

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