Saturday, March 1, 2014

It's Almost Spring....Let's Get Ready For Fall.

It’s the end of February, what better time to talk about Halloween projects? I’m just getting a head start for next year, I swear. Truth is, I’m so very behind, but I figured I’d post anyway so I’d be ready for Halloween 2014. Plus, with all of the 2 degree weather we’ve been having, we all might need some indoor activity inspiration, even if it is making spiderwebs and pumpkin decorations!

Here is the round up activities from this past fall. A few are pictures Jack made in his pre-school class. Why not recreate school activities at home? There are so many benefits. It reinforces the lessons taught in school, it is an opportunity to create something and spend some quality time with my little guy, and it creates a dialogue where he’s encouraged to give more details about his day at school as I ask him to teach me how to do the project. If I ask him what he did at school today his answer will be, “I played”. But if I ask him to teach me how to create his super cool spider web project, he is forced to practice those language and communication skills. Win, win, win, all around!

These activities were done at age 3 years, 5 months

Leaf Man
This work of art was created by my 3 year old by gluing fall leaves and acorns to a piece of paper. 

Leaf Rubbings
Here, he placed leaves under a piece of paper and rubbed with the side of a crayon. This activity can be done in the spring too! Find some leaves, rocks, sticks, and other items found in nature and create a spring rubbing masterpiece. 

Painting Pumpkins
We decorated those adorable tiny pumpkins and gourds from the grocery store with paint, glitter, googly eyes, and feathers. 

Pumpkin Prints
He used pumpkins to stamp designs using autumn colored paints. You could use other fall fruit/veggies for this too such as apples or squash. 

Spider Webs
We placed black construction paper in a shirt box with a couple of gobs of white paint. Placed one or two marbles in the box. Gently shook the box to roll the marbles around, creating a "spiderweb". 

Jack-o-lantern Painting
Painted an orange circle. Once it was dry, glued on construction paper shapes to make the Jack-o-lantern's face. 

Footprint Ghost
Painted the bottom of my little guy's foot and made a footprint on black paper. He painted a face with black paint. 

Egg Carton Witch
I cut a piece out of an empty egg carton that Jack painted with green paint. Next we glued cotton balls  in two of the holes and made a dot with a black marker for the eyes. We made a cone shape out of black construction paper for the witch's hat. 

Autumn Tree
We traced Jack's arm and hand then cut it out of brown construction paper for the "tree". Next he used autumn colored paints to make fingerprint "leaves" falling off the tree. 

Well, there is the roundup of autumn artwork. Sorry it's so late, but maybe it will inspire some spring creations. A tree with green fingerprint blooms perhaps? Or an Itsy Bitsy Spider spider web? Hmmm, now I'm getting lots of spring ideas! 

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