Wednesday, March 19, 2014

If You Give a Kid Some Puffy Paint

My sister-in-law recently shared this activity with me that she did with her 4 year olds and it inspired me to do some more activities based on books (my favorite types of activities!). Laura Joffe Numeroff writes a series of books that each follow the same pattern. You give a certain animal a treat and then they want a whole lot more from you!

We've read the story, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie many, many times in our house. Often when we read it we add our own little dialogue between the mouse and the boy and always get a good laugh. So when my sister told me about this activity we decided to check all of the books out of the library to do a mini-author study. When reading the books we started by making some predictions. Because Jack is already familiar with the story patterns, it was a little easier to make some guesses about what might happen in the story. This first activity was based on the book, If You Give a Cat a Cupcake. We made shaving cream paint in order to paint our own cupcakes.
We mixed together equal parts shaving cream and glue, then added some drops of food coloring to make the desired color "frosting". I drew a cupcake shape and Jack painted the frosting.
This shaving cream paint is great because it creates a puffy, 3-D effect! After painting the cupcake we talked about what other things we might find that are fluffy or puffy, or just any other sweet treats we might like to paint.

Jack painted an ice cream cone and then a snow cone. 

 My painting was a snowman eating an ice cream cone and another one eating a s'more.
This activity was a lot of fun. Thanks for the inspiration SIL. More Laura Numeroff activities coming soon!

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