Saturday, March 1, 2014

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I have not blogged in months. Not because I don’t want to or because I don’t have topics to write about. I haven’t blogged in months because I haven’t had the time.  Oh I hate to use that excuse! There is time for the things I want or need to make time for! So rather than say I don’t have time I’ll be very honest and say that I have not blogged because I am having trouble with time management, setting priorities, etc etc.

The average day has been something like this lately: wake up, make breakfast for the kids and myself, eat, clean up from breakfast, get everyone dressed/tell Jack 9 thousand times to get himself dressed, take Jack to school, go to the gym, come home, play with William, do some cleaning, pick up Jack from school, make lunch, put William down for nap, clean up from lunch, play with Jack, put Jack in for rest time, clean the house, kids wake up/finish quiet time, play/clean/run errands, make dinner, bathe kids, clean up from dinner, collapse on the couch and watch TV, read a bit, go to sleep, repeat.  That is with, of course, plenty of temper tantrums and sibling quarrels sprinkled throughout. So I’m finding it difficult to carve out that time for things like hobbies and blogging.

A few years back my husband was really into playing Call of Duty. He would gather in the world of PlayStation gaming with some work buddies for what we referred to as Warfare Wednesday. And Warfare Wednesday was a great push for me to make some time for myself, to force myself to do the things that I clearly had no time to do during the day. Alas, Warfare Wednesday has slipped away, and with it, so has my motivation to get off the couch and do something in the evening other than watch TV.

If ever there was an opportunity for a New Year’s resolution, this looks like the spot. Whether or not Rob goes back to War on Wednesday evenings, I resolve to focus just a little bit more on me, and in turn (hopefully) this blog. If I put it down in words and share it on the Interwebs, it’s more likely to come to fruition, right? Well, here is goes…..

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  1. I didn't want to do it, but because it's clearly important to you, I'll get a PS4 so I can play video games with my friends. I hope you understand what a selfless act this is.