Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I... LOVE... Lists

 A while back I came across the idea to make a household organization board. It's a place to keep calendars, to-do lists, grocery lists, and any other kinds of lists that would help the household run smoothly. Well, you had me at "lists". I lists! So making a list board has been on my list of things to do for a while now. I found this great fabric at a discount store nearby and I was going to use it to make a curtain for my son's room but it had a bit of an imperfection in it, so it seemed better suited for this project. I took a large piece of plywood and used my staple gun to attach the fabric. I used inexpensive, lightweight picture frames to hold my lists because I can use the glass to write on with dry erase markers. I didn't want the frames to be attached permanently though because I'm a little indecisive and I knew I'd want to change out the lists at some point down the road. So I used some 3M velcro picture hangers to attach the frames. I was a little nervous that they wouldn't stick to the fabric though, so I also put a staple through the velcro to be sure it was secure. 

I wanted to have a cleaning checklist to help keep me get motivated to get things done around the house. Yes, I find writing check marks motivating.

Of course I need a to-do list for everyday tasks like remembering to mail birthday gifts or to buy more diapers at the store. 

I am terrible with organizing coupons and remembering to use them. I figure this is a step in the right direction. 

We have a very long mental list of home improvement projects. Now it's in writing and it will feel so good to erase it when it's complete. 

I came across this quote  and just loved it, so I had to include it on my board. 

Here's the finished product all hung up in the laundry room. I added a little tin cup on the bottom to hold markers. 

Overall, I'm pretty happy with how this project came out. I love to stay organized and if my organizational tools can also be beautiful, then I'm (hopefully) even more motivated to get started on my lists! 

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