Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hands-On Toddler Activity #22: Spring Art!

I noticed that the most recent artwork in my kids' art frames were a snowman and a tree with fall leaves.  Time for some spring artwork. William is 8 months old, so his art skills are limited. I thought we would do some handprint art by tracing the kids' hands and turning them into flowers. This worked well with Jack, not so well with William. Here is Jack's artwork. 

Do you know how hard it is to get an 8 month old to open his hand so you can trace his hand? It's near impossible. It's also near impossible to get him to open his hand to make a handprint. Footprints it is! 

My plan was actually to do footprints for 8 month old William and handprints for 3 year old Jack, but when Jack saw me painting William's feet he wanted part of that action. And he insisted he be in only his diaper, just like his baby brother. So we made footprints with finger paints. After they dried I cut them out and Jack glued them onto some green paper stems and then added some leaves. Finally, it's looking a little more like spring around here. 

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