Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hands-On Toddler Activity #24: Running Colors

We’ve been having fun with droppers lately. I started saving them from used up bottles of baby vitamins. They are so great for hands-on toddler activities! I decided to do a fun little chemistry lesson with milk, food coloring, and dish soap.  Jack’s three, so the chemistry part is certainly not our focus, but he is going to be able to work on following directions, talk about colors, make some observations about movement, and make a cool art project!  Kids of all ages can do this project and get something different out it, which is one of the great things about science projects like this.

For this project, I had Jack pour some milk into a glass dish. Then he squirted some food coloring into the milk. We talked about how the colors just sit there. Then I gave him an eye dropper full of dish soap and he squirted a couple drops of soap. When the soap meets the liquid in the dish, the colors go running! It’s pretty cool to watch. Here’s a little bit about the science behind it

When the colors were done moving around, we put a piece of paper in the dish to do some “painting”. If the edges of the paper start to curl up you can spray a little bit of water on the paper and it should flatten out! Remove the paper and leave it to dry and you have some swirly fun artwork!

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