Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Prepping For Disney: Part Two

The final items I needed to create for our trip to Disney were t-shirts for my kids and the cousins, and autograph books for my kids. I offered to make books for my niece and nephews too but my sister-in-law decided to go a different route. Instead of autograph books she was going to bring along a blank mat from a picture frame. The characters could then sign around the frame and then a photo of each kid's favorite character or a family photo at Disney could go in the frame. I love this idea!

I found the book I was going to use for autographs at Ocean State Job Lot for $1. Great deal! It's actually a 3x5 notecard packet and the cover has a clear plastic protector. It's just what I was looking for. I used some scrapbooking paper and stickers to decorate the book a bit. I found a piece of scrapbooking paper that had a lot of the characters on it, so I cut each one's face out and taped it into the book so each character had its own place to sign. I then attached a ribbon with a marker tied to it to the notebook so I'd always have a Sharpie handy. Here's the finished product.

While in Disney I decided that I am actually going to remove the pages from the book and make a photo collage using the autographs and the photos we took of my kids meeting the characters. I figured the autograph book is probably going to just end up getting lost, but a nice framed memory to go in my kids' rooms would be a great momento of the trip. 

Finally I made the shirts. These did not go as well as I'd envisioned. I say that way too often, unfortunately. The first set of shirts were actually not Disney related at all. I thought it'd be a cute photo to make shirts for all the grandkids with their number birth order. I actually really like the way these came out and the photo of the kids is very cute, but most likely the kids won't be wearing these shirts too often.

For the second shirt, I wanted to do funny sayings that related to each kid. For both shirts I used iron on computer transfers, which I've used a bunch of times but for some reason this time they did not cooperate. And I forgot to take pictures of the finished products. Oh well, a fail all around on this one. Here are the sayings I put on the shirts anyway.
For the Harry Potter fan, my 10 year old nephew got, "If you can see this shirt, my invisibility cloak isn't working".
My niece, the super princess fan got, "There's a NEW princess in town".
My nephew, who is rather obsessed with the Wiggles got, "I was told the Wiggles would be here". Then for my kids I made Jack one that said, "Step aside Donald, I'm here to see Daisy" (he seems to have a little crush on her).
And finally, the baby William's shirt said, "Future Prince Charming".

My sister-in-law's shirts came out awesome! She made a stencil of different Disney character using freezer paper and painted the image onto each shirt. Here's how they came out. I'd say she wins in the t-shirt making department for sure!

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