Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hands-On Toddler Activity #23: Blowing Bubbles In Your Milk

Sometimes the simplest of activities are the most fun. We have to remind Jack way too often that we don’t blow bubbles in our milk at the dinner table. It almost always results in a big milky mess. I’ve learned that sometimes we need to provide an opportunity for kids to do some of these things they are curious about at a more appropriate time. A rainy day stuck inside is great time for it.

We talked about how we don’t blow bubbles at mealtime, especially at a restaurant but that we can do a “milk bubble blowing activity time”. So, armed with his twisty straw, Jack got to work blowing. He blew bubbles that filled the cup up to the top and overflowed. He watched in amazement! Sometimes the most amazing part of activities like this is that mom or dad are telling you to get a little messy. Kids love that! Don't get me wrong, I am certainly not one to encourage messiness on a regular basis. Mostly because I know I'll be the one cleaning it up. But here and there it can't hurt and it's often something that will be most memorable to the child.  

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