Sunday, February 10, 2013

When Life Gives You Holes in the Wall....

...make art to cover it!

Before we bought our house I noticed that the previous owners had a LOT of stuff hanging on the walls. I knew there would be a lot of Spackle* in our future. My father-in-law was kind enough to do nearly all of the hole filling when he was here on a visit (Thanks Stan!). However, we soon came to find out that not only were there a ton of holes in the walls, but many of the objects that were hung were hung poorly. Translation--giant holes that need to be fixed with more than just a little Spackle, and walls that need to be repainted. This isn't a huge deal, it's a job we can certainly handle, but it does take time and sometimes you just don't want to be staring at an ugly hole in the wall while you are waiting to find the time to give it a more permanent fix. So what did we do? We covered it with art! Cheap art! The frames are from Ikea and the "art" is scrapbook paper from Walmart. And now I don't have to look at holes in the wall while we wait to figure out how we want to someday get around to re-doing the bathroom!

*While writing this post I learned that Spackle is a proper noun. Huh! It's like Kleenex, Band Aid,  or Zip Loc, where the brand name has become synonymous with any product of the same type.

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