Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hands-on Toddler Activity #18 and #19: Cotton Ball Snowflake and Snowman

I need a cure for cabin fever! We are suffering big time! It has been quite the snowy winter. Normally that doesn't prevent us from venturing out, but bad weather coupled with two sick kids and a sick mom is keeping us in. This means it's time to get crafting.

Using the snow as inspiration, we did these two projects the other day. First I cut a snowflake shape out of blue construction paper. Then I showed Jack how to dip the cotton balls into glue and paste them on the snowflake. Easy stuff, but also a great hands-on activity for a toddler.

Next, we made a snowman. I traced three circles on blue construction paper. Then Jack dipped the cotton balls into the glue and placed them in the circles. Finally, I gave him a hat, arms, and dots for eyes and buttons. He insisted that the arms be attached to the snowman's head and after several art projects I wasn't up for arguing with a two year old. Today the snowflake is hanging on the window as it rains and rains and rains and melts the mounds of snow outside. Hopefully our cabin fever will be cured soon!

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