Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hands-On Toddler Activity #17: Water Play in the Sink

Last summer I bought a great water table for Jack's birthday and it has provided hours and hours of summer fun. But alas, it's winter and we are still stuck indoors. Sometimes when we are in need of a good afternoon activity I just stick him in the tub. Toddlers love playing with water! I'm always a little weary of indoor water play outside the tub though because it just sounds messy. I like to keep the toddler activity mess to a minimum when possible because guess who is cleaning it up! Me!

Jack also loves to move a chair up to the kitchen counter to get into things he's probably not supposed to be getting into (ie. my laptop, my phone, the baby monitor etc). The other day he moved it over to the sink as I was finishing washing the dishes so I decided to set up a little water play for him to test out just how well he could do with containing the water. I set up a couple of plastic tubs in the sink and filled one with water. Then I showed him how he could fill up the sponge with water and squeeze it into the empty tub. Then I gave him a measuring cup and a ladle and showed him how to transfer the water with these kitchen tools. I have to say, he did surprisingly well with keeping the water IN the sink! Overall a simple, successful activity that I know we will do many more times. Now if only he was big enough to load the dishwasher!

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