Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Brownies With Pretzel Crust

We recently joined the YMCA. It's a win win win for us. I get to get in a little workout, the boys get a little socializing time in the child care center, and there are tons of swim classes and other activities for everyone in the family. Unfortunately, it's taking the boys a little time to adjust to being away from mom and being in a very loud room with the other children. Several times my workout has come to an abrupt end when I hear, "Jack and William's Mom?"A childcare worker has had to come fetch me and tell me one of the boys (usually William) was just too unhappy. It breaks my heart, I pick up the boys, we say our thank yous, and we try again the next day. I wanted to be sure to give the ladies in the childcare center a sweet treat for Valentine's Day for being so sweet with my boys, so I headed to my Pinterest dessert folder to find a recipe I've had on file to try. So I baked these pretzel brownie treats, from Avid Appetite. They were super easy to make and pretty darn delicious. I went a little easy on the frosting since they were already a pretty rich, sugary dessert. Instead I piped on a simple heart in honor of Valentine's Day and then I wrapped them in a cellophane bag with a little gift tag. They were a big hit among the YMCA ladies!

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