Monday, January 28, 2013

Hands-On Toddler Activity #14: Toothpick Fun

Sometimes the student is the teacher. Jack was assisting me with some baking the other day when he spotted a small container of toothpicks on the counter. He grabbed them and realized there was a tiny hole at the top that he could shake the toothpicks out of. He shook them all out and then put the toothpicks into a measuring cup. Once they were all in the measuring cup he started putting them back in their original container. The hole is pretty small, only big enough for one or two toothpicks at a time, so it was a great practice in fine motor skills.  So I can't take credit for this quick activity. The toddler taught this one to me!

From there we decided to try to make some shapes using toothpicks and grapes. I showed him how he could use the toothpicks and grapes together to make a square or a rectangle. This activity didn't last very long because he preferred to just eat the grapes! Perhaps we will try this one again in a few months. Or maybe next time with brussel sprouts.

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