Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nursery Decor (so far)

Like every other room of the house, the nursery will be decorated in stages. The first step was to paint the room. When we moved in, William's room was pink, and I mean PINK pink. I learned quite a bit about painting a room during the very slow process. I learned about covering the carpet with plastic and securing it by wedging the painters tape between the carpet and the moulding. I learned to forget about actually taping off the rest of the room and to carefully cut in the lines along the ceiling first. So much easier than taping! It took some time, but the room is painted, the crib is set up, and the changing table is functional. I also hung the ever important black out panels. Curtains will be coming soon(ish).

So how about a little decor? The first thing to go on the walls were these adorable letters that my aunt sent when William was born. At first I thought they'd be fun for the boys to play with to learn their ABC's but then I decided they were way too cute to be destroyed by young hands, so I used them as nursery decor instead.

I'm thinking of adding a small shelf or book sling to go underneath to hold a few of his favorite books.

Next I wanted to hang his name. I bought these wooden letters at Michael's with the intention of painting them and hanging them on the wall, but then I saw this idea in our Young House Love book. I found some boyish material and wrapped canvases, like I was wrapping a present, and secured the material with the staple gun. Then I attached the letters using liquid nails.

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