Saturday, January 26, 2013

Let The Home Projects Begin!

We have been living in our new home for 25 weeks now. I know this number because our son is also 25 weeks old. I do not recommend having a baby and moving into a new house three days later. Our house was basically move-in ready. There were no major jobs that had to be done, but there are certainly a lot of jobs that we want to do. With a toddler and a newborn, having the time and spare hands to do jobs around the house has thus far been challenging, but now that William is 5 months old we are finally starting to find the time to do some more home projects. And so I present to you, Closet Organization Step One: The Jewelry Board.

Let me give you a little closet background story. Our new home is an upgrade from our old condo in every way except one...the closet. Our old closet was the thing that closet dreams are made of. It wasn't quite a chandelier and a sitting area dream closet, but it was large enough that it could double as a nursery if, hypothetically speaking, you had guests and they slept in your baby's room and you needed a place for your baby to sleep, so he slept in the closet.

The new closet isn't tiny, but it is in serious need of some reorganization. We will get to that job in the future. For now, we decided to build a jewelry organization wall out of a simple peg board system. My fabulous husband took on this job all on his own. He painted the peg board, hung furring strips in the closet, and then attached it to the wall in the closet. I considered doing a little bit of decorative painting around the outside, but then I decided the jewelry itself is decoration enough.

The sweaters are just screaming to be organized next!

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