Monday, January 14, 2013

Holiday Peppermint Cupcake

I love to bake, but as I have said before, I try not to do it TOO often because then I'll just end up eating it all and then there goes the waistline. But, Christmas time is the ultimate time to bake! I'm going to overeat around the holidays anyway, so I may as well have fun with it. This year I decided to go a different route from the traditional Christmas cookies and decided to whip up cupcakes instead. One of my favorite Christmas time flavors is peppermint, so I found this recipe and I am so glad I did! These are delicious and I decided to dress them up a bit by frosting them like a peppermint candy. Here is the recipe, followed by the frosting instructions.

Your Cup of Cake's Holiday Peppermint Cupcake Recipe

Frosting Instructions:

1. Divide frosting in half and put in two separate bowls.Tint one bowl of frosting with red food coloring and leave the other white.

 2. Rest a pastry bag inside a glass and fold the ends down.

3. Spoon the red frosting ( I used a knife actually ) in one side. Be sure to push it down as far as you can along the side of the bag.

4. Next to that spoon some white, then next to that spoon more red.

5. Spoon one more row of white. You should have four sections of frosting.

6.  Pipe a little of the frosting out before you frost your cupcakes so the colors swirl together. You can do it directly onto a  spoon for the ever important taste test.

7. Pipe the frosting on in a circular pattern. Enjoy!!

These cupcakes would also be a big hit for Valentine's Day. Use the same piping technique but instead of a circular pattern, make a heart!

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