Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's a Boy!

Well, after a 3-month self-imposed maternity leave from the blog, I am finally back and able to announce the arrival of our second son! Blog maternity leave is mainly due to lack of sleep and free hands. The ideas have been flowing but the lack of spare time has made hobbies, such as the blog and the cooking and crafts I generally write about, impossible to do. Obviously giving up some of the pastimes I enjoy is worth it to be able to spend every precious moment with my new little one. And of course I know that the sacrifices I make are temporary.

Life with two children and a new house (yes, we moved the same week that baby#2 was born) is joyous, exciting, and most of all exhausting. I feel that I have reached a new level of tired that I have never known before. I seriously do NOT know how parents of multiples do it! I suppose that a higher level of fight or flight kicks in. Certainly I have found that "baby brain" is indeed a real thing. "Baby brain" is of course just a concise way to say, "I'm so incredibly tired that my brain is not functioning at its normal rate and therefore I can not finish normal tasks or form complete thoughts". For example, two weeks after my son was born I was picking up lunch at a restaurant and as I tried to sign the credit card slip and add the tip, I found that I no longer knew the answer to 5+6. A simple question I've known the answer to for at least 27 years, my brain just refused to retrieve the answer that I knew was hidden away somewhere in there. Don't worry, I ultimately left the correct tip, it just took me a little longer that it should have.

At 3 months old, my son is far from sleeping through the night and my 2 year old is up bright and early at 6 every morning (sometimes even earlier), so I do not know how consistent my writing will be for a while, but I am excited to get back to it!

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