Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hands-On Toddler Activitiy #11: Ice Water Table

After doing the tongs activity on a hot day, I thought that this would be a fun activity to take outdoors! My son loves playing with his water table, pouring water from one container to the next, and he loves ice! So I thought it'd be fun and refreshing to fill his water table with ice water! I gave him some tongs so he could try to pick up the ice cubes and put them in the bucket. He liked that for a few minutes, then he ditched the tongs and just started using his hands or the bucket itself. Either way, he had lots of fun and stayed cool! And of course, you don't need a store bought water table to do an activity such as this. You can simply take a big bucket or extra large tupperware container and fill it with water. Give your child different sized cups or buckets to pour water. Instant summer fun!

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