Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hands-On Toddler Activity #10: Tongs!

I bought a bag of multi-sized, multi-colored puff balls at Lakeshore Learning, and they have been such a great investment for toddler activities because I've been able to reuse them so many times. This simple activity only requires a set of tongs and some puff balls. Actually if you don't have puff balls, any small objects will work (small toys, cotton balls, small rocks, etc). I think softer objects will make the activity a little easier for little hands though. If you have them, it'd be best to use tongs that have the rubber on the ends in order to avoid injuries, but if you are monitoring this activity I'm sure any kind will do. 

I gave my son a bowl so he could pick the puff balls up, put them in the bowl, and then dump them all out. Filling up containers is a favorite activity of his, and I think many other toddlers enjoy it as well. This activity took some time, but once he figured it out he was squeezing puff balls with ease. Because the tongs are quite big for his little hands he had to experiment with different ways to hold them. Occasionally he would even pick the puff balls up with his hands, place it in the tongs, then squeeze the tongs to hold it in there. Some might call this cheating; in this situation I call it creative problem solving. Though I haven't done it yet, I thought it might also be fun to do this activity out doors with a bowl of water and some ice cubes! 


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