Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pimp My Cozy Coupe

Recently somewhere along the Interwebs, I came across a website where someone described how they "pimped" their chid's Cozy Coupe. If you are not familiar with the concept of "pimping" one's ride, MTV had a show a few years back in which people would write in about their clunker cars and ask MTV to, pimp their ride. MTV would then make over-the-top adjustments to these hideous autos including crazy paint jobs and add ons that you would never normally find in a car.

Now my son does not own a Cozy Coupe, and honestly I never even thought of purchasing one for him since they're a little pricy as kids' toys go, but every time we are at a playground that has them he focuses on nothing but the car for the entire time. When I found this project inspiration I knew I needed to take a look at Craigslist to find a car for my soon to be 2 year old. Lo and behold several people were selling the used cars. I was on a bit of a time crunch as I wanted to do this project in time for his Birthday so I didn't have time to search for the deal of the century, but I was fine with paying $20 for his new to him wheels.

He is on a Lightening McQueen kick these days so we decided to model our design after the character. After a bit of research I found that the best type of paint to use would be Krylon Fusion spray paint. The car was only done a week ago, so I can't really say for sure how well this type of paint will hold up, but we have already had a few chipped spots, which needless to say, is disappointing. For the fine detail work, like the license plate and the face, I used paint pens that I had on hand already. They were one of the few non-spray paint items I could find that said they would work on plastic.

We hosed the car down, gave it a good scrubbing, and prepped it for paint. There are two screws holding the car together, so it was easy to dismantle, which was helpful in spray painting. We started with a few coats of red before going in for the detail work.

To do the lightening bolt I cut a stencil out of poster board. What we found though was that that due to the curves in the car, the cardboard wouldn't lie flat enough to get a clean line with the spray paint. So my husband painstakingly laid painters tape down and used a razor blade to cut out the lightening shape. Kudos to him for coming up with that idea! With a nice flat stencil stuck on we were able to spray paint about the lightening bolt, also about 3-4 coats. After removing the tape, I used paint pens to trace around them for the black and silver detail work. Then I did the face details as well as the license plate and taillights. Finally I sprayed on a coat of clear UV protection, by Krylon and the car was complete.

My son loves this car so much; he didn't really get out of the car at all for two days! This was a fun project for us too and there is already talk of whether or not we will give our next child a car with a custom paint job.


  1. This is so cute! It turned out great! We've bought our 16 month old a Step2 buggy for Christmas and I'm plotting what I can do to personalize it for him. This is great inspiration! :)

  2. Thanks Andi! We had such fun making it! Good luck with your creation!

  3. You mentioned the paint had already chipped in a couple places by the time you wrote the blog. How did it hold up over longer time?

  4. It has actually held up great! Hasn't really chipped anymore. And my son is certainly not gentle with it when he rides/pushes it around! Overall I'm happy with the results!

  5. for paint prep, did you do a light sanding?