Thursday, April 26, 2012

Greek-Style Lentil Burgers

  • This is not a strictly vegan dish, so I decided to make this as we start the transition away from vegan dinners and start moving towards nights of vegetarian dishes and healthy meat recipes as well.  I love Mediterranean flavors, especially dishes with olives. My husband, on the other hand, hates olives! He said he was willing to try anything that I was willing to cook though so I gave these burgers a try. The olives are blended in the food processor along with most of the other ingredients, so when they are pressed into the burgers, you really don't get a super strong olive taste. Just enough for me to enjoy it and my husband to tolerate it. Actually he said he really liked the burgers and would love to eat them again. I served these with corn on the cob, a favorite of my toddler, and some veggies and dip. 

Greek-Style Lentil Burgers
From Everything Vegan by Vegetarian Times

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