Thursday, April 26, 2012

Family Member Magnets

My son loves magnets, as I imagine many toddlers do, so they make a great tool for art projects and learning activities. Making magnets can be a great way to teach a variety of concepts from color names to spelling patterns. Since my son is beginning to really expand his vocabulary I decided to make "family magnets". This isn't really a project that a toddler can do on their own, but my son felt very accomplished holding the tape for me and putting the finished magnets on the board (aka, a cookie sheet). A cookie sheet by the way, is a great way to make magnet activities portable or if you want to keep magnets on the refrigerator to a minimum. If you are super motivated and plan to do a lot of magnet activities you could even paint a wall in the playroom with magnetic paint! There are tons of magnet options as well. I decided to buy a pack of magnet paper that I could print directly on from our printer. You can also buy a roll or sheet of magnets with sticky on one side to adhere to your photos.

Simply print your photos on magnet paper. For this activity I made a magnet for each member of our extended family. Don't forget the four-legged family members! You could also add each family member's name beneath their photo so that your child begins to learn the connection between the spoken word and the word in print.  Let your child manipulate the magnets for lots of tactile and verbal fun.

Don't forget to make magnets of your four-legged family members as well!

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