Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Week of Vegan: Day Seven

Our week of Vegan has come to an end and we have officially decided to extend it. We are not being vegan for any moral reasons or because we have anything against meat and dairy. This was strictly a way to detox from the unhealthy food we eat way too often and to force ourselves to try some new recipes that we may not have thought to try in the past. We've really enjoyed the foods we've tried (much to the surprise of several friends and family members) and we are feeling great!

On this final day of week one we had a pretty simple cereal breakfast, and lunch consisted of leftovers and veggie pita sandwiches. What we were most excited about today was our dinner at our friends' house. Our friends have been "mostly vegans" for nearly a year now. They have both lost weight and look amazing, and they have been very helpful in assisting us with some of the ins and outs of vegan eating. My friend also happens to be a talented and very knowledgable cook, as well as the author of her own blog, www.theveganheldhostage.blogspot.com, so I was especially excited for a dinner at her house.

We were not disappointed! She made an appetizer of spinach dip, an entree of empanadas filled with squash and beans, as well as a side of homemade guacamole. Yum! It was all fabulous but the part that stole the show for me was the empanadas. You would never know they were vegan! I will certainly be trying to recreate this culinary creation at home.

My contribution to the meal was dessert. I gave up chocolate for Lent, so I tried to find a dish that was vegan and chocolate free, and I settled on cheesecake. I was nervous about making a dish with an ingredient that you are not even allowed to use, right in the title--CHEESEcake! Much to my relief, the cheesecake was excellent! The flavor was slightly different than that of a classic cheesecake, of course, but but it clearly was not an issue because every plate at the table, including those of the three children, were completely cleaned. Some tiny fingers even tried to secretly snatch some more fingerfuls of the treat when the adults weren't looking. I'd say that's a success! Below is the cheesecake recipe.

As for what's to come, my husband plans to take it week by week and I will continue my vegan dinners along with him. Eventually we are hoping to get back to a "regular" diet and maybe have one vegan and/or one vegetarian night a week. We have found this to be a great way to diversify what we eat, get our veggies in, learn a little more about different types of food, and jumpstart getting back into shape! I will continue to post about it here and there when we come across an especially delicious, share-worthy recipe.

Strawberry-topped "Cheesecake"
From Vegan Planet by Robin Robertson

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