Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Loving Valentine's Day Crafts

Clearly a one year old does not understand the meaning of Valentine's Day. I'm sure a lot of husbands and boyfriends question this holiday right around February 13th each year as well. Even though the child may not understand the special day, that doesn't mean that he can't start to be taught the joy of giving.  Holidays are a great time to be creative with children's projects and they are also a great time to make a special handmade gift for a loved one. And what grandparent doesn't enjoy a handmade gift or card from their grandchild?

An art project with a one year old must be simple and quick! Here is a very simple card to make with a toddler that is sure to brighten a loved one's day.

White paper
Cardstock or heavy paper
"Do-A-Dot" paint

It's best to get everything set up and prepped before you even tell your child you are going to do a project.  Once children hear something fun is about to happen they generally want it immediately! So set up the workspace by covering with newspaper in order to make clean up easy.

Fold the piece of card stock in half and on the folded end, cut a half heart (or roughly the shape of an ear). Unfold and you should have a symmetrical heart shape.

Place the stencil on top of a white piece of paper and tape both to the table. Now is when you announce to your child that you are going to do a fun project together.

If your child is new to Do-A-Dot, you may need to demonstrate a few dots. I recommend the use of sound effects (such as Bam Bam or Dot Dot or whatever sound you imagine a dot being put on paper would make) not only because sound effects make just about everything more fun, but it may also encourage the young one to keep dotting the paper rather than his/her face or shirt. Which reminds me, an art smock is a good idea for this project.

This is the second card we made with the stencil which is why their are paint marks all along the outer edge.

Once the stencil is pretty well filled in, you can remove it to reveal the heart shaped picture. Then your child can write, dictate, or subliminally tell you the message for the card.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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